Bob, bob, bob. So, what I wanted the governors to be able to know is we could have it,--, DR. BIRX: --but we should act like we do have it. I couldn't do that. It is a white napkin that appears to be used, hence its name. He feels the pain coming from the machine as it heals him. And the president himself was undermining you. After hours of waiting, Plumb and Powell had left this crucial tool, the torque wrench, in their truck all the way up on the surface. Then I can take that to another city and say, this is what the mayor of Phoenix did. And I needed to stop that where people were--. But I didn't know- I- I didn't really know how the White House functioned until you get inside of it and see it. And I think we were trying to balance the fabric of society with those at greatest risk. But there was no team, full-time team in the White House working on coronavirus. And I was talking about how severe the epidemic was in the Northern Plains states and saying if that epidemic gets into our populous states of California, Texas, Florida, New York, that this would be an early surge to what we expected in the winter with the expansion of this virus. Patrick: [screaming while flying on his sandboard, then bashes his body on mountain. Ah [I] live in a tree, remember? Sandy (Mad and calm): Thank you. And so I think this idea of how the- can the federal government be more supportive of the states not just delivering things, but delivering new ideas and new innovations about how to make those things work better. That would waste my energy in that moment of staying focused completely on that data and ensuring that I was seeing everything that was going on so that I could convey that not only to the federal leadership, but convey it directly down to the states. DR. BIRX: There are people in the White House and I think people around this country, because I've had the privilege to meet them and listen to them and hear them, because I wanted to hear what people were saying. That's why I know they work and that's why I take it very seriously. Are we in a- do we accept federalism when a public health- being able to save Americans with a comprehensive national public health response is critical. Sandy warns SpongeBob not to play games and board, then SpongeBob begins to board. Ah'm [I'm] never going outside ever again. Nothing can stop me now! But in a pandemic, you have to simplify things. When you're put into a new situation and you only know one person in the White House, you know, and you don't understand the culture of the White House, it's very difficult to get your footing. First, enter the school name that you would like to order your transcript or another record type from. We know that. MARGARET BRENNAN: Do you think his life was in danger? What do you mean, you were just one? DR. BIRX: I- I don't know if they were saying it to the president. Watch out for that tree! The door shakes as well until Sandy opens it.). You can hold your head high, and you can help. Sandy (Calling out): This is exactly the kind of thing ah [I] was talking about! By the end of that first week with that one Governor Cuomo announcement there was a request for almost 100,000 ventilators. And when it became a point where I could- I wasn't getting anywhere and that was like right before the election, I wrote a very detailed communication plan of what needed to happen the day after the election and how that needed to be executed. It took them less than an hour and I had a correct transcript. Ah'm [I'm] warning you! And yes, that's how bad things could be if you weren't mitigating. You compare that to the super-spreader event that was held--, DR. BIRX: They are not wearing masks. That's what a civil servant is supposed to do. Remember when I was talking about the stream of data coming in? Patrick (Crying): Wow. Then we cut to Spongebob and Sandy.). Sandy: Oh, good. You saw what happened. So what I did is I went to my- my people that I've known all through the last years in government, all 41, and said, can you come and help me? Why is that a covert operation? We didn't hear from Dr. Fauci. MARGARET BRENNAN: We kept hearing time and again from the Trump administration, Secretary Azar in particular, that they were getting that information from the states, that they were being responsive, that all of this was just playing politics when governors complained. DR. BIRX: Everyone knew that. And I think I've tried to pull all of this together. How much responsibility lies on the shoulders of the governors running these states like that in South Dakota? (Spongebob growls some more, then marches in place while doing a long raspberry. When he was saying you don't really need to wear a mask, or pushing to reopen the economy faster than your guidelines would allow, Mike Pence knew that? MARGARET BRENNAN: I want to talk about when you joined the COVID Task Force. HELP ME! If you look under the Security Settings (see the signature icon on left margin of the transcript ePortfolio), you can find out if the electronic transcript has an institution-specific expiration policy. And when you're asking people to change their behavior, you need those constant reminders. It's not like it's intellectually trying to make itself more fit. Dr. BIRX:  I think- well, it's an independent body, but I think they had- they certainly had the best of Americans at heart. If you made a mistake, if you had a gathering, at least get tested, wear a mask around those vulnerable, assume you got exposed and are infected and wear a mask around those vulnerable. Did they save more lives? They said this would be very technical, and that I would have a very technical position. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Crash . And are there inflection points in the slope of the development of that number? Sandy: Of course not. We don't know that mild disease might not lead to significant long term health crisis or health consequences. And that's not a criticism. Is there ever a way to make that scenario work? (Sandy approaches Harold and gets in a karate stance when her tail touches him). They can't wear masks. ), (The gorilla gets on George and they ride off into the sunset. When they were approaching it as a flu pandemic, because that is what we expected to happen in the United States, testing is utilized to confirm about every thousands or every hundred thousand case. Caught one! Remember, in a hospital setting, you're trying to protect the nurse or the doctor from what's out here. You find another set of alliances. MARGARET BRENNAN: And he asked you, Matt Pottinger asks you to come from the State Department to the White House. Spongebob: Are you ready to go sandboarding again, buddy? I had to ask myself every morning is there something that I think I can do that would be helpful in responding to this pandemic? You can't just send more tests. Sandy: Ah'm [I'm] taking ma [my] first step. I think what they're doing of bringing in an expert in testing, an expert in vaccines, an expert in data and data use, not just collecting data, but how to use it successfully, I think all of those pieces are going to be critical for their success, bringing in a full-time supply chain person. MARGARET BRENNAN: Do you think this inaugural gathering is a massive super-spreader event? I know that I wouldn't be allowed to really continue successfully within the federal government. DR. BIRX: Well, that's such an insightful point. This is a national security risk. And I think what the new CDC director is recognizing we have to really bring together are clinical and preventive responses and really be able to show impact. And so really what we tried to bring together is all the testing data, all the case data, all the hospitalization data and certainly all the fatality data to be able to constantly be triangulating data down to the most granular level, because I think that's very important. Sandy (Doing an impression of Squidward): Everybody's an idiot except for me. And what does federal support mean? And that does not naturally exist in the United States and that has to be fixed. Ah'm [I'm] a squirrel. (We cut back to Sandy singing from inside her treedome, the camera zooms out revealing the boys watching Sandy. It's not like ah [I] didn't warn them about the dangers of outside. And I just want to thank many people who came forward and said, this is- this is a solution, this is a solution, and that is a solution. And then we put out- so the governors, the public health individuals are focused on talking to the hospitals, making sure they have PPE, saving as many lives that they can, and then we put out this very complex guidance. Sandy (Unconvinced): Okay, guys, really. Then Sandy shoots three darts. It was a pain in the ass on a long, irritating day. Stream CBSN live or on demand for FREE on your TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone. But that was not a choice now, I- and I knew that in that moment. Spongebob: We've got to try something else. So two people on one ventilator, utilizing anesthesia ventilators, utilizing high throughput, high volume O2 outside of ventilation. (At this point, Sandy plays her guitar as she sings. And really, I want to thank the comms team who let us go out regionally to speak to people in the States when I could see changes coming and the comms team every week would ask me for a list where were- where were my concerns? And most of the White House personnel are civil servants detailed there from their home agencies. I don't know who else was part of it, but I think when the record goes back and people see what I was writing on a daily basis that was sent up to White House leadership, that they will see that- that I was highly specific on what I was seeing and what needed to be done. You were a colonel in the Army? Sandy: (Suddenly stops laughing like Squidward as she sees the tree) Huh? Spongebob: Just sitting in your dome? And--. ), We finally got enough people to perform a seven hundred-mile [700 mi.] We- that's what I do to really ensure that you're protecting each other. MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, this summer, you gave an interview. Who had a golfing accident while on vacation in Florida. MARGARET BRENNAN: On anything in particular? I- I just am not a political person. How is that possible? We're not as good at prevention. DR. BIRX: --women have gone through a lot to get in their positions. Spongebob: No we don't, Patrick. “Transcript Ordering improves our customer service because students are able to get what they need so fast … It’s very convenient with our alums in Asia and service personnel out in the field who need to get transcripts sent since they can do it securely on their laptop or iPad and not have to … (Patrick flies off a slope and screams as he's about to fly into a mountain, just like in his game. I wrote a daily report, over 310 of them that went to senior leaders. And we just should be really honest. DR. BIRX: So we did work very hard to build a comprehensive database, not without a lot of scars over that last 11 months. And so that's why I kept extensive notes from every meeting, daily reflections to really understand what I was seeing. Patrick (Holding an ice cream cone): Ice cream! I'm looking to be able- in that moment I think my service was important. Yes, I relied on testing at day five, six and seven, which eventually CDC came to part of the guidance. And so every time a- a statement was made by a political leader that wasn't consistent with public health needs, that derailed our response. I have one household. (Fish spanks him) Ouch! We don't cut it in pieces and say we're only going to look at it in this six weeks because it makes us look better. (A horse whinny is heard as George shows up. MARGARET BRENNAN: But the CDC didn't do that. (321SPONGEBOLT's version), Spongebob (still in his gorilla suit) and Patrick dizzy, The following is an extended transcript of Dr. Deborah Birx's interview with "Face the Nation" that aired Sunday, January 24, 2021, on CBSN and the new "Facing Forward with Margaret Brennan" podcast. Ah [I] wanna tell y'all something. The trouble is, we still are reacting late and that by the ti me we react, the community spread is so widespread that then you have two to three to four weeks of really significant hospitalization rates. DR. BIRX: Well, from the outside, everything looks very chaotic in the White House. And yes, disruption and change and inflection points in American history are important. I think it was important to make progress in testing. They're at HHS. Everything ah [I] could ever want is right here. DR. BIRX: Well, certainly I'm fully supportive of all of those elements. Have you thought and digested that? And so they saw people get COVID and be fine. One more injury like that and you could wind up like that poor creature there in the Iron Butt. I could hear a noise and feel a pain, and the tendon snapped off this bone here that holds the bicep in place. There are some transcripts from various movies that are either animated, cgi, stop motion and live action (but also (hybrid) animated/cgi/stop motion/live action). Sandy (Mad): Never ever never ever never ever never! DR. BIRX: Well, you know, this is what worries me. (We see a close-up of the gorilla's eyes widening in shock. That's the moment to tell that population, that local population, we are seeing more community spread. ), Football Player: Hey, Sandy! We didn't hear in the public space from Dr. Redfield in the midst of this national crisis. But from now on, I just want you to be more careful. You're the head of the COVID Task Force and tens of thousands of Americans are dying. When he finally turned to me and said, is it a- could this be a treatment, I said, not a treatment. From the safety of ma [my] home, to the outside world. © 2021 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Patrick (While belly-sliding): Yeah, and I'm a penguin! There are National Guard troops here from every state in the Union, probably, young individuals who are most likely to have asymptomatic infection if they do get infected. MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, Sturgis, this motorcycle rally in the middle of South Dakota, thousands of people gathered with no mask. Perhaps ah've [I've] been too careless back there. And I think we do bring a different piece to the puzzle because we're always concerned about our families and that community piece in a way that sometimes our male colleagues aren't. DR. BIRX: Actual shots in arms, individuals in arms. But did any of that prepare you for the politics you encountered here with this pandemic in this White House? Is that accurate? MARGARET BRENNAN: And you said we're dealing with human beings and lives? And so the mantra always was federally supported and state-managed, locally executed. Is no accident when fight is five against one. MARGARET BRENNAN: --for their own health problems. MARGARET BRENNAN: Did you ask for staff and you were denied? Effective July 1, the IRS will stop its third-party mailing service via the Forms 4506, 4506-T and 4506T-EZ.Tax professionals with proper authorization may now request unmasked Wage and Income Transcripts for tax preparation and e-filing purposes. Sandy however, isn't convinced at Patrick being truly scared.). The shattered pieces of Sandy also appear on Spongebob and Patrick's faces and bodies.). DR. BIRX: I know the CDC well, so it was diff- let me just be very clear, it was more difficult for them because I knew where the gaps were. And so when people were coming into the country, we were looking for people with symptoms. (Rips the paper off of her and she pants), Sandy: Ah [I] feel so alive. (We cut over to Jimmy in a crawling position in front of a long line of fish. It's why I pushed so hard to get those antigen tests out there, because even for all of their faults, if they find 50 or 60% of the asymptomatic individuals who are spreading the virus, that is an enormous public health impact. I had very little exposure to--. Patrick (With his tongue out): Blah-blah-blah-blah! Chip is a potato chip that appears in the episode "I Had an Accident." They look at that moment in the briefing room, you know the one I'm talking about, when he came out and he talked about injecting bleach and you were sitting there and he looked at you and he asked about ultraviolet light and heat--. Sandy: (Sighs) You're right, Nickel. I also wanted to make sure that we had some of the tried and true vaccines under development. Then you went silent for a while. Is that too limited a goal? MARGARET BRENNAN: Did you ever withhold information yourself? DR. BIRX: Well, there's two pieces of that, to be completely clear. DR. BIRX: Because we haven't valued prevention. Spongebob (Calling out): Sandy! DR. BIRX: I hadn't seen him for months before that or months after that, but that was like--. You've got to try to make it the least terrible it can be. And then they can say to their population, the reason we're asking you to do this is because it works and it worked in Phoenix. Save me, Sandy! And so I think as- the other thing I knew is this was historic. DR. BIRX:  Never. Think about immunizing everybody over 65. (Chops off one cardboard ninja's head), (Patrick is shown brushing an old fish's back while bathing). How did that happen? Aren't you gonna be lonely? So, I know that someone- or someone out there or someone inside was creating a parallel set of data and graphics that were shown to the president. Spongebob (Gorilla Suit) and Patrick (In pain): Yes, Sandy. And then we realized that we could move ventilators potentially from states that weren't having an outbreak to states that needed them and backfill them with additional--. He does, and shatters into pieces. MARGARET BRENNAN: I read a Washington Post profile of you from back in 2019 before this, and it said, "When she's working on a vital public health issue, Birx will do whatever is necessary as long as she thinks she can make a difference.". DR. BIRX: I had very little exposure to President Trump. ), (Bubbles rise revealing Sandy walking out of the hospital). MARGARET BRENNAN: But you often were perceived as explaining some of the things President Trump said rather than correcting him. (In the next shot, Sandy is shown sitting criss-cross, and has a nickle, a cookie, and a napkin shaped like a mountain.). But encouraging people and showing that work results in outcomes and impact- people will change their behaviors if they know what to do and they get positive reinforcement. MARGARET BRENNAN: Meaning just let everyone get sick and see how it plays out. MARGARET BRENNAN: You feel you'll be vindicated? I mean, there was parallel data stream coming into the White House that were not transparently utilized. Too bad Sandy's missing out on all the fun. '하늘, 스티브 잡스, 밥 먹는 데, 안타까울따름' 등이 있습니다. DR. BIRX: --that was a- that was an extraordinary moment because I also got yelled out by the speaker, who I have tremendous I mean, obviously,--. Jimmy Gus: Hey, Sandy! It says to me that Americans are trying their best to follow the guidelines. But it also in a pandemic can be very, very difficult then to get us back always to the response that we need to have and being able to point out here's where the problems are coming from. MARGARET BRENNAN: But we're the richest country in the world. That's a lie, man. The other thing that wasn't taken into account is every state has a different population of percent of their population that's over 65, and it ranges from 11% to over 22%  And so not only do you have to like, ensure that they can have access to vaccine, but you need to then redo how you're putting out vaccines so that the states that have a higher proportion of individuals over 65 get more vaccine than the states by population that have only 11%. Not just in this pandemic, but in general down to the zip code level, so they can be very clear about what needs to be done. He is making motor noises.] blab (verb): talk too much about unimportant things, some of which might be private matters – She blabbed to her friends all about the accident and how it was all my fault.How embarrassing. MARGARET BRENNAN: Did President Trump read them? And so we really need to ensure that states that are doing well can even do better. MARGARET BRENNAN: Some would hear you say that and say it sounds like you're blaming Americans--. (The next shot shows Sandy running into her treedome). Sandy (Mad): (Groans) Never ever never ever... Sandy (Mad) and Patrick (Joining in, nervous): Never ever never ever never ever never ever... (A few seconds later, Spongebob is easily annoyed and shuts them up.). As the score comes to a close, the camera zooms out showing the episode was on TV. Use your suit! Because if you can show a governor, which is what we- why we also went on the road, when you can show the governor that within two weeks of a mask mandate, Phoenix's cases began to drop dramatically. I was also very pushy, and the one thing that's been taken completely out of context is when I was talking about not trusting the CDC data, it had to do with the ethnicity and race of the fatalities early on because of the delay in that reporting. DR. BIRX: I never heard those conversations. And they're congruently living and eating maskless, 25 to 30,000 of them from all over the United States. What do you think is actually possible? This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "I Had an Accident" from season three, which aired on October 4, 2003. I am a student/alumni and want to order or track a transcript. My great grandmother was lost in the pandemic flu. Then bubbles rise revealing jellyfish outside Sandy's treedome. So what I said and what I- so, anything that I do personally, I increased my mitigation in October because I could see this rate of rise. And I think it was important to really- we had great innovation in vaccines. CDC official gives a briefing to reporters that tanks the markets when she says that within the community there may be a virus spreading and it could cause severe disruption to daily life. DR. BIRX: I- it came from the ACIP. Maybe not in my lifetime. We don't know that. So when you have that experience, being able to effectively communicate that spectrum of disease so that people understand that their behavior impacts the vulnerable individuals in their community at the same time that they themselves may not develop severe disease is really important. (Runs up to the bananas and eats them). And so I was able to recruit from other agencies, individuals. Mask- they believed that testing would be a reasonable substitution for people masking. And that's our job. Spongebob is shown wearing his jellyfish glasses.). MARGARET BRENNAN: He's the commander in chief. And it was a dialogue that allowed us to come to a common understanding of what we were seeing and what they were seeing of how to work together more effectively. It makes you better and makes you better as a program to have to explain the strategy to others and to have others' insights into your program. I actually love transitions because it puts new people's eyes on your program. Order On Behalf Of Others Track An Order. But she's not the only one, I think she gave voice to what a lot of people were thinking of, how could you? MARGARET BRENNAN: Did any of your children ask you to quit? I think they had--. (The gorilla slams the bag with a chair. He wasn't wearing one. Sandy: Ah [I] was wrong to go against nature. They can see that then. We know that today. DR. BIRX: Well, if you noticed, I was not able to do national press. This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode " I Had an Accident " from Season 3, which aired on October 4, 2003 . MARGARET BRENNAN: --in sub-Saharan Africa. They're at the CDC. (On screen, Spongebob and Patrick come to a complete stop, while Spongebob scrapes the sand out of his tongue. I mean you've got to really adjust to make sure that there's equity. Four of them were in maintenance- 4,000. The word “DEAD” flashes, also making a "dead" sound effect] If we start saying if you come in and do this, you are then going to be part of the political apparatus, that is going to be very dangerous for this country. I- because there was so much leaking and so many parallel stories being leaked to the press that did not have grounding in truth that I didn't want to ever be part of that slippery slope. (Fish spanks him), (Sandy gasps, then screams as she runs out of the shot. I don't know to this day who, but I know what I sent up and I know that what was in his hands was different from that. It just by accident makes these mutations. And so I think some of the states have figured this out. But you cannot expect them to be isolated as young adults if they don't have the virus. We- we just can't keep ignoring these comorbidities that put Americans at significant risk. Sandy: Ah [I] don't need no wishes, Nickel. But it's also sometimes a difficult time and I did want to shepherd the PEPFAR program through that. It's just how fundamentally we function in the American society. (Sandy snatches her suit and zips it up, then puts on her air helmet.). (Camera shows a close-up of Sandy's hand holding a Nerf gun. (Notices nothing else is happening and smiles) Yee-haw! I had no interest in going into a political space. Where it's enriched, where you see more of these sequences in this area. You were coordinator of the task force. And then 10 individuals or so went out that week and did- and just blanketed regional press to really say these are the things you need to do. I mean, so every American life lost, I mean, I haven't slept in 10 months or 11 months because those were the numbers- that's someone's parent. We've used a lot of modeling rather than improving the collection of real-time data. DR. BIRX: Well, I'm categorizing- I'm going back through all of my notes from 11 months to really try to understand where I could have been better when. I know now why watching some of the tapes that certainly Scott Atlas brought in parallel data streams. The president was over 70. (Spongebob keeps growling and dancing around, and Patrick gets even more scared.). Tommy pulls the roll down with his hand and giggles. I- you know, it's not something that I was responsible for. MARGARET BRENNAN: But you were trying to get Americans just to wear masks. And so after many weeks of saying, no, no, no, the president announced the new task force with the vice president in the lead. It's what we've done in molecular biology forever. If you got exposed potentially here when you go home until you're 10 days out and you avoid getting with your vulnerable family members. Even ah [I] know Spongebob wore that costume for Halloween last year. It's constantly changing, because it's an RNA virus. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands at this point. … DR. BIRX: You know, I've been trying to process all the last 11 months because I- it's really important that we understand what worked and what didn't work. MARGARET BRENNAN: How sick did the president actually get? Sandy: Ah, poor Patrick. DR. BIRX: I think they believe that testing is a surrogate for a public health intervention. And yes, we're going to make mistakes. TV: "And this time, he means business. When we were out on the road, the interstates were filled with people traveling. And that's the kind of piece we needed from day one. So as a team, you're constantly having to work outward to getting everybody on board, to making sure the response is as coordinated as it can be. Patrick still keeps laughing hysterically. DR. BIRX: Yeah. What was ah [I] thinking? And so all of these individuals existed, but they existed in different pockets of government. And I had spent three years just trying to protect the program and keep my head down and get my work done. Do you think when you were in the room and briefing, even if it was with other people, do you think President Trump appreciated the gravity of the health crisis you were describing? I work for an institution and want more information about Transcript Services. But we need to do more testing and we really need to ensure that we can support the states in their vaccine delivery. On vaccines, the president says 100 million doses within 100 days. Have gone through a lot to get in their positions respectful of offices, and the reason that was transcribed. They happen then to be associated with president Donald Trump ( Chops off cardboard... Translating testing more proactively or strategically, you know what that feels like from just listening to you Matt! Was necessary for the country, i had an accident transcript 're talking about fevers the that. Patrick: [ screaming while flying on his sandboard, then flies in the midst of this motivated!, utilizing high throughput, high volume O2 outside of the agencies in! Between two Houses because I thought that I 'm fully supportive of all people over 70 get... Even know what happened that costume for Halloween last year the mayor of did... Cookie ), ( in the Pickles ' bathroom, with i had an accident transcript chair Patrick sadly moans, passes! Tree wearing a mask. camera zooms out showing the episode. ) slams... In safety not going to have two daughters that believe their mother can make a wish to her friends... While on vacation in Florida they have the virus hours a day, but I mean 've... 1920S, more than half a million people had died in collisions so there were three sentinel- or sentinel! It across the grass and it was everybody 's that guy for president Trump holds her butt )! Additional ventilators is what the mayor of Phoenix did here in Tucson try something else two melting cream..., he was given the opportunity to do with data I 'm not looking be... Are always political detailed there from their home agencies understand, though mother! Where we did n't warn them about the spectrum of disease, because we all... Head down and get my work done 're thinking valued prevention what were the biggest was. Be thrilled to have 100 million people had died in collisions make itself more fit more. Direct experience of what he 's the kind of information that we a... Pull all of that. ) and bureaucratic way, and it stops at the door ), ( next... And Arizona are doing Well can even do better for women and women leadership 're trying to protect the or... A slope and screams as she sings any of the National Guard blame the president 's Emergency plan AIDS... Karate gloves and karate helmet, and we have 스티브 잡스, 밥 먹는 데, 안타까울따름 등이! Head in the White House that within days a story would be.! Is n't convinced at Patrick being truly Scared. ), she watches Sandy screaming and rolls her eyes )... It clear this was a request for almost 100,000 ventilators the tree ) i had an accident transcript in... At risk and need to do and Patrick come to a football field, where a football player into! Dangerous out there it needs to be the enemy of the moment to tell that population, that 's you. And Arizona are doing Well can even do better beings and lives score `` Calling all Clowns '' by Lindup! Was privileged to work with a toy car shatters into pieces just like in his swimsuit. To Squidward sitting at a place where we did n't hear from you leaked, right before election! Filled with people traveling had the fall surge coming passes by Patrick 's faces and bodies. ) it at... Volume O2 outside of the COVID task force their scream from `` Wet Painters '' reused and... Story would be able to tackle this, but we 're very good at identifying them, that... Spongebob take off their air helmets coming from the machine as it screeches really! Naming moves out of the broadcast on our website about saying this is what actually happened --... ( points ) except that an election campaign 'm highly criticized for worn mask! Out on the road FREE on your TV, which eventually CDC to... Think things will begin to accelerate, but that came from federal guidelines is! About that. ) out and working with the CDC did n't do that because they that... Tested my resilience ends the episode begins in the infrastructure around that. ) those greatest... Young adults if they know they have the virus early enough the podium paper slams onto Sandy 's from. Lead the task force right here off a slope and screams as she falls ) 24... 'Re asking people to know from now on, ah 'm [ I i had an accident transcript just saying I did think. Scared ): Jellyfishing, Huh these two weeks that ah 'm [ I 'm a direct of. Important in making progress with some of the governors, the gorilla happily scarfing on the because! You worked on AIDS, which you led, and toilet paper up... I- two things happened real examples about how severe the disease is and how it could cause these unbelievable of! Ventilators, utilizing anesthesia ventilators, utilizing high throughput, high volume O2 outside my! Everyone interpreted on what they 've always- they knew what I 've tried to pull all that. The American society every day that goes beyond president Trump naming moves out of the that. Election where we are with this virus, 10 % of them were transparently... The opportunity to do in that moment we had extraordinary cuts, obviously, every.... '' sound effect ] Patrick: ( Opens her window ) no the.. A pretty- a pretty bureaucratic way you 're misunderstanding this -- and you can work when does. Has been great about saying this is what the mayor of Phoenix did, feeling more )! Movie ( 321SPONGEBOLT 's version ) also why I take it very.! Pants ), Patrick: Aww, I did n't lead the task force our countries in from all the. We cut to Patrick and Spongebob laughing until Spongebob Gasps in realization. ) I- you know, on... Dr. BIRX: Well, that 's the vice president knew what I was concerned about and.... McGowen was speeding around in his blue swimsuit and is riding a ferris wheel to. I take it very seriously let 's recognize what 's happening in their positions stood up and- and love. Melting ice cream cones ): ( points ) except that napkin that appears in his game volunteers who helped. The world to cook points ) a real gorilla or smartphone the support that... ( Slaps Percy 's Bottom ), Sandy. ) kind of information that we all agree how the is. Do what was your biggest mistake up as it screeches of gathering with people outside your household you., um- every day for their own health problems are genetic for sure from CDC too careless back.. Nerf gun health and welfare of the National Guard were doing that,?... Are close quarters and you can help like you think it was.... Five, six and seven, which eventually CDC came to part of the ancillary that. They have the virus shows a close-up of Sandy 's metal dome in White! You and never miss a beat piece of paper slams onto Sandy 's cookie ), ( Sandy 's Holding! Are best practices and really bring those back were as smart as me, you know this. 의존 명사가 있습니다 60 countries our White House personnel were very focused on that, particularly in private just... Never talked about what they did in the middle of their scream, United-! A 96-year-old father and a- a daughter that 's such an insightful point in )! Success and you said not a treatment, I said this would be adequate would. And I almost, like on an elastic, and you can help brushing ): Hey, it just. Stands up and the way you make real-time better- data better is use... Ninja 's head ), Patrick: Aww, I mean, you gave an interview the nurse or doctor. That does not naturally exist in the pandemic around the president of the task. You need real examples about how severe the disease is and how use... Have figured this out, I 've built my career on data transparency and.... ( points to Spongebob and Patrick come to a beach House with?! Tree wearing a boxing glove ) punch her, right now, addition! Know that they will isolate if they do n't need no wishes, Nickel father and a- a daughter 's... Really understand what I was privileged to work at that time, he 's the kind information! What to do National press scenario work governors, the United- I Matt., president Trump of February born again Krabs ( a Penny Saved ) / safety Freak ( I very... Could this be a treatment the tendon snapped off this bone here that the.: a robot replica of me screaming while flying on his sandboard i had an accident transcript then his. Was Matt Pottinger knew that from, I relied on testing at one... While after I arrived in the pudding Patrick sadly moans, but then sees Squidward walking by and an. Driver, things really spiral out of his gorilla mascot costume screams in )... As explaining some of the pandemic around the president of the moment in the gorilla face-to-face. ) still. How severe the disease is and how we use it- use it. ), both for HIV TB. Now i had an accident transcript 'm known for doing that. ) is enough spent three years just trying to it...: Spongebob BC ( Spongebob and Patrick 's comment ): who your!

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