These are the basic kitchen items needed for cooking. But, as in ALL aspects of managing a vacation rental, the happiness of the vacationer’s experience is vital to the homeowner’s success. It might seem like a long list, but trust us—this is one area where your added effort will go a long way with culinary-inclined guests. One of the best ways to make your vacation rental feel as homey as possible for guests is providing them with the means to cook their own meals. Investing in disinfectant wipes is an added level of sanitation for your kitchen’s surfaces. Each year we review and update our staging guides and make available to our property owners. And please consider the possibility that in a medieval city centre there is unlikely to be a garden for your guests to use. Dishwashers simplify a renter’s responsibility if they host a party or have a large family dinner. You won’t need to replace chipped or broken kitchenware. Here are some quick tips to keep their … Or, if you have a local market, stock the basket with fresh fruits and vegetables. We recently partnered with Evolve and Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals to create a comprehensive cleaning checklist for you or your service crew. Parents won’t want their toddlers carrying a glass cup. At the very least, your rental property should provide a stove/oven and microwave. Such as “Beach Oasis #423.” Yet if they disappear then do not replace them. Providing all necessities for Airbnb kitchen is extremely important for keeping every guest satisfied. Condiments — See what’s available at your vacation rental first. And you’re less likely to cut yourself too. brulee torch!) This number will provide the basis for the amount of kitchenware you need to buy. If your rental is designed for larger parties, consider kitchenware for large groups. That way all family members can enjoy a meal together. Bathroom. You should also have an extra set of kitchenware. Food to Stock in a Vacation Home Kitchen. Learn about our design packages and services. Here's what to pack for an Airbnb or other rental, so you're not stuck chopping with a dull steak knife. Thus, it is important to provide renters with the kitchen necessities. A dishwasher is an added bonus for a vacation rental property. Coffee and coffee creamer 23. Such items include: While renters could survive without a dishwasher, it’s difficult to cook a meal without a plate or pan. Having a stove/oven is a necessity. But if you’ve got the room to bring a few tools and staples along, it can make a world of difference. Another set is if they decide to entertain friends and family. Your email address will not be published. Menu. Be sure to evaluate these items regularly to make sure they’re working properly and still in good condition. As we’ve discussed, the number of occupants in your rental property will influence what items you need to stock. Kitchen. We recently furnished a vacation rental kitchen with the kitchen inventory recommended by Pro Housekeeping’s Steve Craig and the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals and documented the cost below. It is safer to have outdoor heavy plastic, ceramic, or “unbreakable” kitchenware. How do you plan to stock your vacation rental kitchen? 4. Of course, vacation rental owners should follow their country, county, and district rules/regulations, when it comes to their rental property. What was unsuccessful? Vacation rental kitchens can be a crapshoot, but these easy meals can be made anywhere.. One of the biggest joys of summer vacations is packing up your friends, family, and a cooler full of goodies for time spent in a beach house, lake house, or mountain house. What items do your renters need for a successful barbecue? Find out how to compile a vacation rental inventory checklist and [Get Free Template] Skip to content +44 (0)7906 974 684 @ A recent video about how to stock a vacation rental kitchen for holiday guests prompted us to reach out to Housekeeping expert Steve Craig about equipping a vacation rental kitchen professionally. You will chop, slice, and dice in half the time than you would with a dull vacation rental kitchen knife. A kitchen is more than a place to prepare food; it’s a primary gathering place in all homes, including vacation rentals. Does your rental cater to families? Category Type Quantity Price Dishes (Matching, 1.5 x occupancy) Dinner Plate 12 $59.68 Salad Plate […] All of the unique amenities and features that a vacation rental can provide are a big influencer in that decision—ahem, hello gourmet kitchen. They will prevent damage to the countertops and tables. You could even go a step further and keep a highchair in your property’s storage to make it kid-friendly for visiting families. If you worry about stealing, label your containers with your rental name. How to stock a vacation rental kitchen like a pro: What you need. While we plan for the meal, it is also helpful to have a few storage containers on hand. Many hosts hire housecleaning services to do a thorough cleaning before guests arrive. Input your search keywords and press Enter. The adults can use your normal set of kitchenware while the children use disposable or plasticware. Making a meal in an under-resourced cabin kitchen can bring out the MacGyver in a good cook. 17. For most, a complete service for eight is sufficient. But wait…what do they do with their leftovers? You just never know what a rental kitchen will yield, so we come prepared. Resort vacations hold a certain allure with quick access to restaurants and poolside drinks and two towel refreshes a day, but if you’re traveling with more than two people or for an extended period of time, a vacation rental just might be the way to go. There is no hard-and-fast rule about what to provide in your vacation rental, and the choice is completely up to the discretion of the owner. Bedrooms. ). Also, include a coffee maker and tea kettle. If you have one, bring it. It is dangerous and difficult to clean up broken glass around the pool. Kitchen Essentials: Perishables. Stock your kitchen as to not make your guests feel as if they should eat out a restaurant every night. You do not want to invest in new storage containers for every renter you book. Tupperware (6) 2. Also, think about children when you buy kitchenware. As Futurestay's Marketing Coordinator, Kristen's writing blends her literature background with entrepreneurship and design. Think about indoor and outdoor areas for cooking. In the UK we are have to have a Food & Drink licence before providing anything edible. Furniture. This past year it’s also become something of a way of life, as my husband and I have spent about a quarter of the year traveling from Los Angeles to New Orleans and back for his job, living in vacation rentals and cooking in vacation rental kitchens for months at a time. Whether preparing a gourmet meal or just a quick on-the-go snack, guests who open the cupboard to find exactly what they need will know you’ve put careful consideration into creating an excellent experience. I'll post another time about things that we've learnt to stock for the more unusual circumstances. Website Builders; Ski Chalet Website Design; Your Property Description; What To Include On Your Rental Website; SEO Training For Beginners; … Consider the type of renters you will book, and the items they will need. This allows for some form of reheating. When renters are shopping for vacation rentals online — and at least 90 percent of all vacation rentals are booked online — people want to see pictures of a stylish, updated kitchen. Give a bottle of wine and chocolates. It’s easy to forget about all the items we use in the kitchen. This guide is a list of basic items necessary to stock a vacation rental kitchen. In particular, the bathrooms and kitchen should be spic and span. Below, we’ve detailed all of the recommended items for an ideal vacation rental kitchen, not including disposable essentials like paper towels and garbage bags. PACK A TRAVEL KITCHEN. People often choose to rent vacation homes rather than stay in a hotel because it gives them access to a kitchen in which they can cook their own meals. Welcome to Seachange Vacation Rentals’ annual Vacation Rental Staging Guide to Kitchens 2020 Edition. Because by definition perishable items (i.e. While you don’t have to provide a large variety of spices, it is considerate to stock the basics. These kitchen gadgets are essential for stocking any kitchen, in a vacation home or otherwise.. If you have an outdoor deck or pool area, you may want to buy a set of outdoor kitchenware. Vacation Rental Kitchen Essentials6 5 A well-stocked kitchen can be essential to the success of a vacation rental. Check our top 10 Airbnb kitchen essentials that will help … Read the checklist. Two adults? Families want to feel comfortable and at home, no matter where they’re traveling. Such as wine glasses, large platters, snack bowls, serving spoons, and salad spoons. A thoughtful surprise for your renter is a sure way to get a positive review. Pet-friendly necessities . Another fantastic addition for children is a kitchen high-chair. 1. Here's what to include: Renting a home for vacationers can seem scary and overwhelming for first-timers. Guests will appreciate other appliances but they are not necessary to your property’s success. Having a “Welcome” basket full of treats is a great first impression for your renters. As we’ve discussed, the number of occupants in your rental property will influence what items you need to stock. Create a basket with movies and snacks. Silverware (10) 4. In summary, we checked off the entire inventory for under $450. LAST UPDATED: 08/04/19 . Rental owners will have to determine if their location, local regulations, and guests would benefit from adding amenities, such as outdoor spaces. One of the major draws of staying in a vacation rental is the amenities, and the kitchen is arguably the most important. Imagine what would be said if a barbecue were suddenly to appear among the medieval carved headstones. Your email address will not be published. One set is for your guests. Your kitchen rental can have one outdoor set of kitchenware, and one indoor set. Provide them with the market’s location, and this can be their first stop in town. The beds should be made up with clean linens. Items like tongs, grill brushes, thermometers, and lighters can assist with outdoor cooking. This will help your renters prepare a meal before they go shopping: Added to the list of items you never think about are graters, peelers, spatulas, and cookie sheets. Dining room. Go over my book and at a minimum the above list and see if anything is missing from your vacation rental kitchen. Exterior . Make sure to have enough silverware, plates, and glasses for the average number of people who could stay in your rental. 46 Bayard Street, Suite #410 Whether you’re seeking warmer climes or cooler, the one guaranteed people-pleaser for your paying guests is a stocked kitchen. Having a properly stocked and cleaned) kitchen will also encourage your guests to feel at home and use it. (Did you know a clean pillow case, vigorously shaken, makes a pretty good sub for a salad spinner?) Stock your kitchen with two cutting boards, one for meats and one for vegetables. Plastic cups and dishes for children can save you money. Consider what the product is made out of, how long it will last, and how much you will need. She is excited to follow the growth of the vacation rental industry and provide resources for rental entrepreneurs. Which means your renters may forget to pack them. is not their idea of “fully equipped” (one pot, one pan, 2 plates! Consider the type of renters you will book, and the items they will need. I suggest Amazon for getting the most up to date consumer reviews on which products stand the test of time. If so, buy it and make sure it’s well-reviewed. Once you’re at your home-away-from-home, take stock of what’s already in the kitchen. When guests have amazing experiences, they’re more likely to write positive reviews. Favorite snacks 24. You want to buy a pattern or style that is not limited/discontinued. Living Room. Many guests choose a vacation rental over a hotel for the express purpose of preparing meals, so providing a well-stocked kitchen is key to guest satisfaction. A kitchen that is not properly equipped can […] Stock that kitchen! Take some time out this week to educate yourself on equipping a kitchen. Buy them in the smaller sizes and replace annually. These kitchen basics are necessary for having a successful vacation rental kitchen, and meal. Think about it, do you remember when you bought your can-opener? Contact us to get started—we can't wait to work with you. Share your experiences and comments below. Family with kids? You'll need to work closely with your cleaner to restock items. How to Stock a Vacation Rental Kitchen. How to Create a Winter Interior Checklist for Your Vacation Rental Property, How to Add Value to Your Vacation Rental Property, Why You Should Hire Professional Painters for Your Vacation Rental Property, Winter Preparation for Vacation Rental Owners, The Benefits of Hiring a Third-Party Cleaning Service, Like ice cream, popcorn, or cappuccino machines, Cutlery – Especially steak knives and spoons, Sharp knife for kitchen prep and butchery. Overall, this article is to provide an overview of how a kitchen space can be optimized to increase bookings and promote positive guest experiences. Your renters can use these ingredients for their meals. All very American. Especially because of the savings vacation rental kitchens provide. Stock your kitchen with basic food stuff, such as salt and pepper, spices, cooking oil, vinegar, or whatever your typical tastes dictate. Stock up your kitchen with baby cutlery and plates as well as disposable bibs. If you do not have a dishwasher, make sure you have a drainboard for hand-washing dishes. Butter – You can store in the freezer and defrost when needed. Cooking utensils (8) This will make for easier replacement. Tailor your “Welcome” basket to your renters. Glasses/dishes/plates (10) 3. Our kitchen window overlooks an ancient graveyard. If they don’t see them, they may look elsewhere. 22. When you clean yourself you have the advantage of ensuring it’s done right. In particular, look for things like oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, other spices, flour, sugar, and other pantry basics. Sharp knife. But it is also good practice to have more than enough kitchen items in good condition. Or kitchen scissors? Renter’s book vacation rental properties because of the ability to cook their own meals. With the rise of vacation rentals, it has become so much easier to anticipate the pleasure of a home cooked meal when traveling.While the promise of a fully outfitted kitchen is offered again and again, inevitably you’ll discover that your view of “fully equipped” (mandoline! Think about indoor and outdoor areas for cooking. 6 people? We’re here in Orlando staying the week at a lovely vacation rental just minutes from Walt Disney World that we booked through HomeAway.This is our first time staying off-property, and with ten of us on this trip, a rental home seemed like the way to go. Inventory and furniture for your holiday / vacation home to please your guests. That way, guests know what items they need to bring. What Do You Include in Your Vacation Rental Kitchen? Allana Schroeder-Millar, founder of The Distinguished Guest (one of our favorite blogs for exceeding guest expectations in vacation rentals), posted the video below about […] New Brunswick, NJ 08901. If, like us, you live a long way from your vacation rentals, then it can be challenging to keep all these supplies in stock. That way, you have more than enough matching kitchenware for all your rental guests. 1. The only thing worse than a rental kitchen with no microwave is a guest finding out that the microwave doesn’t work just as they’re ready to eat! You’ve provided all the items needed for your renters to create a fantastic meal. Research your kitchenware before you buy it. Does your deck have a grill? YOUR WEBSITE. Vacation-rental kitchens are rarely equipped with the tools and ingredients you need to make a tasty meal away from home. But a travel company should consider that not all travellers remain in the US for their holidays. A Keurig is a good option. Here are 10 that are lightweight and small enough to pack fairly easily. A large package of tin foil and saran wrap can last through many renters. Portable Tupperware containers allow your guests to bring their meals for a picnic on the beach. Instead, you can buy large and small Ziploc bags for renters to use as storage. So that’s eight each of drinking glasses, coffee mugs, bowls, salad plates, dinner plates and silverware settings. How to Stock Your Vacation Rental Kitchen Please your paying guests by providing them a well-stocked kitchen. Many others do it themselves and save the expense. First, take into consideration your vacation rental property’s occupancy. One of the hardest parts of having to stock a kitchen from scratch is picking out perishables. Although the possibility of medieval gravestones are unlikely to appear in America, as a travel company you have to recognise that America is not the only holiday destination in the world. A TripAdvisor study found that 83% of travelers thought a kitchen was the most important travel accommodation. Required fields are marked *, Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter and never miss a thing. And I had to google for PAM – never heard of it. Keurig’s can produce a variety of drinks, without wasting product. Does your vacation rental property sleep 2 people? What to Pack for a Vacation Rental: Kitchen and Food Essentials. Take stock of what’s already in the rental pantry. Is your property always well-stocked with all items for new guests? Or specify what your kitchen provides. When stocking your vacation rental home kitchen with dishes and silver ware, consider how many guests the home accommodates. Ingredients for simple meals (can be purchased in advance or at a local grocery store) 25. If your kitchen is too small to have a full stove/oven, consider buying a microwave and toaster oven. But it is also good practice to have more than enough kitchen items in good condition. What has worked in the past? How to stock a vacation rental home kitchen Many guests choose a vacation rental over a hotel for the express purpose of preparing meals, so providing a well-stocked kitchen is key to guest satisfaction.
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