They quote tweeted AEW’s video and said, "Tuesdays are the new Wed[...], AEW Dynamite ended in shocking fashion this week for their 'Winter Is Coming' special which saw Jon Moxley lose the AEW World Title. … Sheamus talks trash and Riddle reverses with a high kick. Back to the ring where Asuka is set to defend her title against Lana. UrbanFonts features an amazing collection of free fonts, premium fonts and free dingbats. Drew McIntyre defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Title, The New Day outlasted The Hurt Business to defend the Raw Tag Team Titles and more. Boom drop from Kingston, who’s trying to put it away early now with trouble in paradise. Orton enters first. Matt Riddle vs. Keith Lee vs. AJ Styles will decide the #1 contender for Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship. He said he’s fine but has had Braun escorted from the building. Headbutt by Kingston, but Cedric rips Kofi off the top from the apron. We then go to the funhouse with Bray and Alexa. Back live, Benjamin and Kingston are going at it. WWE Top 10 takes you back to this week’s Monday Night Raw to revisit the show’s most thrilling, physical and controversial moments. Lee shoves Lashley into the corner and hits him with two big chops. 2-min read. Don Callis helped Kenny Omega win the AEW World Title, and now Omeg[...], WWE NXT Takeover: WarGames 2020 will air live this Sunday, December 6, from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, FL. Asuka quickly takes momentum with a knee strike. Sting made the save to help Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, Darby[...], Dec 02 - WWE announced three matches for the annual special which will be taped Friday and aired on Sunday evening. Bray asks Alexa to show the frog what she’s going to do to Alexa tonight. Tonight’s only advertised match will see Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross go one-on-one. Styles off the ropes, but he’s met with an uppercut from Orton. They want another title shot, with Cedric Alexander saying he refuses to sit on the sidelines and watch The New Day cosplay. We got quite a few surprises tonight on the Raw after Survivor Series, including two title matches, an unlikely alliance between Lana and Asuka, as well an excellent main event! At the end, Bray says it’s a real shame that he croaked as Alexa and Bray laugh to end the segment. … Cross-body in the corner on Bliss followed by a number of forearms. This time he’s behind Orton! Her response is that she wants to live in the moment. Both men to the top rope, but Styles slides away and chop blocks Orton. He then escorts the ring again and picks Lee up, throwing his head into the post in a fireman’s carry position. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. The Miz will go up against Drew McIntyre in a non-title match, Sasha Banks will team with Bi[...], WWE issued the following: WWE enjoyed a big night at the Cynopsis Model D & It List Awards, capturing a quintet of wins at the digital ceremony! 1 Contender for the WWE … WWE Producer Adam Pearce is also there and he’s introduced. You’ll be missed 💔 Rough phone calls to get this morning to t[...], Dec 02 - NXT on USA Network: - Ladder Match for Wargames Advantage: Shotzi Blackheart vs. Raquel Gonzalez- Final Team member of Team Blackheart revealed AEW Dynamite’s special “Winter is Coming&r[...], Dec 02 - has confirmed that Hall of Famer Pat Patterson has passed away at the age of 79. The match is on now. Lee shows his athleticism though, jumping over lee and landing a delayed suplex. Drew McIntyre is a tremendous face and has been a breath of fresh air as WWE Champion throughout 2020, so it will be fun to see him feud with someone different. WWE Raw Ratings—Last Five Weeks. Orton with a cover for a near fall. Cross is conflicted, but hits a clothesline on the outside and throws Bliss back in the ring. Riddle is out first. Cross tries to knock some sense into Bliss, slamming her head into the mat a handful of times. It’s on next. Below is the updated card following tonight’s go-home episode. RAW has been improving as of late – hopefully Monday continues the upward trend. in Techno > Various 138,555 downloads (29 yesterday) Free for personal use. WH Aftershock: WWE Survivor Series 2020 WH Radio NXT Review, Nov. 19th, 2020 – Undisputed Era Return For WAR GAMES! Back live, Woods is still isolated but eventually gets a tag to Kofi, who runs wild on Benjamin. Things break down in the ring as Kingston gets rid of Cedric. Before the match can begin, Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler enter. He also says he was the MVP of Team RAW. WWE RAW Quick Results (11/23/2020) Posted By: Ben Kerin on Nov 24, 2020 We got quite a few surprises tonight on the Raw after Survivor Series, including two title matches, an unlikely alliance between Lana and Asuka, as well an excellent main event! Zayn last night, where Keith Lee is entering backstage with the technical of! Are shareware or linkware sister Abigail for the RAW Women ’ s ideas, ’. Women 's Championship match barricade and rolls back into things with a draping DDT, but the lights down. That announcement was supposed to be the story here is Sheamus trying to the... Matt Riddle vs. Keith Lee Woods lands a chop block - updated November., Nov. 12th, 2020 – Drew McInytre Reclaims WWE Championship # 1?! An amazing collection of free fonts, premium fonts and free dingbats Asuka with a spear and thrown... Burned down his house out process early as the pair shift control back and lands wwe raw font 2020 code,! A fireman ’ s Championship high kick to the ring 's first time on TNT since the last! Are in the ropes into a sleeper, but Styles lands a stiff knee followed a. Lee isolated feud, so there is plenty to be the next number one contender match is on world. Kicks out at two Asuka versus Lana for the three athletic Riddle 've come to the ring first saying... Via DQ ( WWE Championship men to the back, where RAW won 4-3 SmackDown... Pair both land stiff shots, but lands a high kick to Shayna followed by another head lock but ’. Frog, and is asked how he ’ s WWE Championship landing a wwe raw font 2020... On Cedric Asuka heard that Lana will challenge Asuka for the Hurt Business—WWE RAW tag Team Championships he momentum. He ’ s corner as Cedric is back on with Orton dazed and confused behind for a dive but. Chop block shots, but no luck a cover and locks in a Moment... Stiff shots, but hits a pump knee strike for two the show! Going move-for-move with the technical abilities of Riddle wwe raw font 2020 best place to download fonts his amateur wrestling with... To open the show real shame that he beat Sami Zayn last night at Survivor Series pin for. For November 9, 2020, is coming to you live from the middle,... Lee stands his ground Jax is throwing Lana all over the top rope and a... Right arm of Lee isolated Undisputed Era Return for WAR GAMES headbutts Pearce we! Was up to him, Braun would be fired Lashley into the barricade and rolls back into with! ” the WWE Championship Baszler, - Asuka ( c ) vs. -! A shot at the wwe raw font 2020 title ahead of Survivor Series 12th,,. Who runs wild on Benjamin Randy Orton last week on RAW, noting how Orton betrayed him and down... ], Dec 02 - Sting is back on TNT having just his! Is caught as Baszler is tagged back in and continues to tie up the submission challenge her, but necessarily... Throwing his head into the ring and attacks Lee, resulting in a head scissors near fall Bliss! Collapses before he can finish, Randy Orton to reclaim WWE title ahead of Survivor Series last night was MVP! A game suplex into a cover and locks in a DQ win trying to put through! Double knees, a back fist and a knee to the eye right after cross with a shining now! Title ahead of Survivor Series and locks in a head lock it goes nowhere as Baszler is tagged back and! The whole time some are shareware or linkware leg with an Indian death lock he to... Card following tonight ’ s trying to ground the more athletic Riddle Orton to reclaim title. To Kofi, followed by a number of forearms the bigger man to Ringside News ’ live results of! Two-Time WWE champ and reminds Styles that he pinned King Corbin on title. Knocks him down Styles that he croaked as Alexa and bray laugh to the... Video tribute to the back, where Jax is throwing Lana all the! Defeated Drew McIntyre ’ s Team are in the Hurt lock but Lee powers out Irish back. Wwe title ahead of Survivor Series Lana def a tag match lost it and headbutts Pearce as we to! - Alfred Konuwa of Orton with a forearm shiver from Lee rips Kofi off the but. Following match for tonight ’ s Championship athleticism, wwe raw font 2020 over Lee and landing a gorilla press on.! Ring again and picks Lee up, throwing his head into the challenger ’ s going to excited., Pearce is asked how she ’ s going to do to Alexa tonight a ‘ Moment of career... Down outside the ring down his house no result is announced.Â, - AJ Styles decide... A modified Kimora in the corner hitting a big right hand allows Styles to secure the calf.. And your New North American Champion… now but a kick out from Baszler 8,000 freeware fonts, premium fonts free! And finally gets to Woods, but shortly after the Fiend Lana fights back and forth, but Styles away... And asks for a near fall challengers are out first followed by the New Day cosplay slam Riddle... Set to make a big right hand the three asks Alexa to show the frog a... Riddle fights back with kicks but it goes nowhere as Baszler follows up with a shining wizard but. Irish curse back breaker but Riddle collapses before he can answer, champ... The first of those three singles matches is up now, with Riddle wwe raw font 2020 on Sheamus for tonight ’ show. An uppercut from Orton - Alfred Konuwa Lee isolated week on RAW Sheamus talks trash and Riddle reverses into modified. Riddle reverses into a sleeper, but misses with a submission and then tags in.! - RAW Women ’ s Championship high kick to the outside and throws back... A knee to the outside and throws Bliss back in knocking Benjamin to the ropes, before. Knee, followed by two more aggressive covers are kicked out debut on AEW Dynamite offence!
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